Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mahlon Smith revisits The Passion

In Mahlon Smith's Virtual Religion Weblog, he revisits The Passion of the Christ with some comments on some comments by Catherine Baril:

Gisbon's Passion Revisited

Catherine Baril's comments, extensively quoted by Mahlon, are essentially an explanation of why she has no intention of watching the film. I have a genuine and sympathetic understanding of this position since I experienced this myself earlier this year. I often used to write in this blog of my dread of going to see this film, not least because of my extreme aversion to violence and violent films. Indeed it was only my fascination with Jesus movies that effectively made it compulsory that I should see it. I was ready to hate it. And I would say that while I still very much understand those who feel that they cannot face viewing it (including my Mum and my wife!), in my own experience the viewing of the film has proved an emotional, a spiritual, a profoundly uplifting and moving experience, an experience I am pleased that I have been able to share with many others who feel the same way.

A side comment -- Mahlon comments "at the risk of appearing obsessed". Well, if anyone can share with him on that one, it's me! But I am not concerned about the amount of the attention this film has generated from Biblical scholars. If we are not able to comment in an informed way in the public arena on such an important cultural event directly related to our primary interests, then the more fool us.

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