Thursday, September 16, 2004

Mahlon Smith's Blog

Many thanks to Gail Dawson for this one:

Virtual Religion Weblog

This is "the Online Journal of Mahlon H. Smith", recently launched, and a very welcome addition to the blogosphere. Most of my readers, I am sure, will know of Mahlon Smith's work, and especially his pioneering web sites on religion and Christian origins which include Virtual Religion Index, A Synoptic Gospels Primer, Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus and Jesus Seminar Forum. Mahlon and I have never met, but we have been internet friends for years and I am looking forward to reading this new, occasional journal. Recent entries include one on adding a Google Search (and follow-up). I have recently come over to Google's Site Search myself (see blog entry on) because I reached my page limit with PicoSearch's free search, which I have used now for about six years. At present my own Google site search only appears here on the blog, but I have been impressed enough with it to add it to the NTGateway as a whole when I next get the chance. (It searches as a whole, but what I mean is that at present the search box only appears here on the blog and not elsewhere on the NTGateway).

Well worth reading is Mahlon's entry on Gibson Agonistes, all about the article he wrote on The Passion of the Christ, how that article came about and its afterlife, with PDF and booklet versions and the like. It's nice to hear that I am not the only one who on occasion ends up putting in an all-nighter to get work finished. Indeed the last time I did that was over my own article on The Passion of the Christ for the new book. Perhaps there's something about writing about the Passion during the night that brings out the best in us?

I'll end this enthusiastic post by adding a request to Mahlon for an RSS feed for the blog. As a consumer of multiple blogs, the only effective way to keep up with them these days is to read them via an aggregator like Bloglines.

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