Wednesday, September 01, 2004

NTGateway web space upgrade

I had to buy some extra web space for the NT Gateway yesterday because the amount of data transfer (i.e. the number of files being viewed by users) is rising at a rapid rate. Data transferred last month was 3.54 MB on a limit of 1 MB. So I have upgraded to an account that allows me 5 MB of data transfer a month, along with 250 MB of space. This is good news from the point of view of the site's popularity, but my reason for mentioning this is to note that I fund the domain name and web space out of a small amount of revenue I pick up from links to and and at the moment this is just covering the cost but with continued upgrades it is possible that it will fall short in the future (the number of visitors to the NT Gateway has risen constantly over the last few years, but the revenue from Amazon has remained static for three years). I don't make much of these links, not least because I am keen that users shop around to get the best deals, support their local book shops and so on. Indeed, I'll always mention if I happen to find something cheaper outside of Amazon. But if you are shopping on Amazon anyway, and are not clicking through from anywhere else (e.g. you can support the Hunger Site with Amazon purchases), I'd be grateful if you could go from the NT Gateway just as a small token of support. Many thanks!

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