Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Questioning Q

My copy of Questioning Q arrived in today's post. This book is a collection of essays edited by Nick Perrin and me and featuring a Foreword by N. T. Wright. It is published by SPCK in the UK and InterVarsity Press in the USA (who are giving a publication date of February 2005 for their version). The essays are contributed by Nick Perrin, me, Mark Matson, Jeff Peterson, John Poirier, Eric Eve, Richard Vinson and Ken Olson. It was a pleasant surprise to see the volume this early; the date given in SPCK's publicity is October 22. However, there is next to nothing on the internet available to advertise the volume and it's not really available to buy yet. I'll post some more news when I have it. But it was a great pleasure to see the book more than three weeks earlier than I had expected. In the mean time, here are the bibliographical details:

Mark Goodacre and Nick Perrin (eds.), Questioning Q (London: SPCK, 2004); Foreword by N. T. Wright. Paper. ISBN: 0281056137.

The only thing that I was a little disappointed about was that SPCK have dropped the individual contributors' names from the cover of the book. I'll perhaps dig out a picture of the earlier draft of the book cover and post it here when I have a moment.

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