Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Tom Wright answers emailers

Over on the N. T. Wright Page, Tom Wright provides answers to questions asked by various emailers on the "WrightSaid" email list. This is an occasional feature organised by the group's maintainer Kevin Bush:

Bishop Tom Wright answers Wrightsaid Questions (September 2004)

Unfortunately, most of the answers are short and some simply refer the reader to already published work. The answers do feel a little rushed, but of course it's better than nothing. I would like to see the authors of the questions identified on this page too; at present we have simply anonymous questions and I like a bit more personal information, at least a name. At the conclusion, Wright offers some information on forthcoming publications:
Paul for Everyone: Romans is coming out next month (SPCK in UK, WJKP in USA); that a small book provisionally entitled Scripture and the Authority of God is due out in a few months; and that I am working on the book-version of the Hulsean Lectures I gave on Paul in Cambridge last spring -- provisional title, Fresh Perspectives on Paul...

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