Thursday, September 07, 2006

Electronic editions of LNTS / JSNTS

Many thanks to Daniel Foster for the following news from Logos Software:

We now have three prepublication products on offer that include volumes from JSNTS or articles from JSNT:

Library of NT Studies: JSNTS on Paul (17 volumes)

Library of NT Studies: JSNTS on the Gospels and Acts (16 volumes)

Sheffield Reader Collection (12 volumes)

These collections, along with the host of other products coming out of the Continuum über-license, enhance the theological breadth and variety of resources available for Logos Bible Software. We hope to attract new users who have never given a thought to Logos or who haven't checked in lately and don't realize what a wide range of material is being made available for our platform.
I have also belatedly added Logos Bible Software Blog to my blogroll. (I've dropped some other currently silent blogs into Limbo at the same time. As always, they return to the blogroll once they revive).

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Anonymous said...

It's not clear to me from the website whether the electronic editions will consist of the image scans displayed as "sample pages", or whether these sample pages are not of the electronic edition per se but of the print versions. I am considering purchasing a copy of the CD-ROM if the books are text-searchable, but this is not clear from the website. And the scan jobs are not particularly good either; the articles I've scanned for my own personal use are much cleaner than this.