Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nativity theatrical trailer

As Peter Chattaway notes on FilmChat, the theatrical trailer is now available on the website of The Nativity Story, the forthcoming film based on the Birth Narratives of Matthew and Luke:

The Nativity Story

The site also has the teaser trailer and several featurettes. It's a nice looking production; I am very much looking forward to it. Fans of Jesus films can be grateful to the ongoing Passion of the Christ effect of reigniting interest in big budget Jesus films. (If only someone could get the Visual Bible's Gospel of Mark kick-started).

From the two-and-a-half-minutes of trailer, it is clear that it follows the traditional harmonizing approach to the Birth Narratives, with annunciation to Mary from Luke, wise men and prophecies from Matthew, census and journey to Bethlehem from Luke, slaughter of the innocents from Matthew -- and so on.

I've been meaning to blog on this for eternity, but Bible Films and FilmChat are right on top of it and keep posting on the news as it comes in, so don't forget to check them out regularly.

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