Friday, September 08, 2006

Introduction to Textual Criticism

Following on from Pete Williams's question about the best introduction to textual criticism, Stephen Carlson offers his opinion. Debate is between the Alands and Metzger. But I'd start anyone off with David Parker, The Living Text of the Gospels (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997). Amazon have it on "Search Inside" so you can get a good taster before buying. And there are limited previews on Google Books too, like a lot of CUP's stuff. I recommend this book because it introduces you not just to the discipline of textual criticism but also to why it matters and why it is interesting.

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Jeff Peterson said...

My standard line for students is that there are many books available on NT textual criticism, and two interesting ones: Parker's Living Gospels and Bart Ehrman's Orthodox Corruption of Scripture. For an introduction, I refer them to Ehrman, with the advisory that they'll need to refer to either Metzger or the Alands. Ehrman really brings home the importance of TC, as well as setting the transmission of texts in the lived history of the ancient church, and I doubt a reading of the standard intros will accomplish that for most students.