Monday, September 18, 2006

Review of Biblical Literature latest

Latest from the SBL Review of Biblical Literature under the NT heading:

David A. Ackerman
Lo, I Tell You a Mystery: Cross, Resurrection, and Paranesis in the Rhetoric of 1 Corinthians
Reviewed by Michael R. Licona

Dale C. Allison
Studies in Matthew: Interpretation Past and Present
Reviewed by Graham N. Stanton

John T. Fitzgerald, Thomas H. Olbricht, and L. Michael White, eds.
Early Christianity and Classical Culture: Comparative Studies in Honor of Abraham J. Malherbe
Reviewed by Joseph Verheyden

Karen L. King
The Secret Revelation of John
Reviewed by David E. Aune

Michael Willett Newheart
"My Name Is Legion": The Story and Soul of the Gerasene Demoniac
Reviewed by W. R. Telford

Richard W. Swanson
Provoking the Gospel of Luke: A Storyteller's Commentary: Year C
Reviewed by Joel B. Green

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