Thursday, November 01, 2007

Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII

John Hobbins has the latest instalment of the Biblical Studies Carnival. It's in a different style from usual and makes a very interesting read:

Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII

Doug Chaplin on Metacatholic has a nice summary, suggesting that Hobbins has provided "a fairly literal interpretation of “Carnival”":
This time it’s as much an extended argument as a round-up. John starts a number of hares running, and offers some provocative opinions in the process of posting what is almost a state of the union address on biblio-blogging.
If it had been more in the "classic" Biblical Studies Carnival mode, I would have been inclined to include the recent thread on Monotheism, with special reference to the New Testament and Paul. The relevant posts here are:

Was Paul a Monotheist? (NT Gateway weblog)
Was Paul a Monotheist? (Primal Subversion)
Moses and Monotheism (earliest christian history) (with response, Crossley's Monotheism, Theologie und Gemeinschaft)
Monotheism (Chrisendom)

I would also be inclined to mention last month's several posts on the Gospel of Judas over on April DeConick's Forbidden Gospels Blog, with news and reviews about her new book The Thirteenth Apostle and some important discussion about access to the Tchacos Codex.

It might also be worth pausing to mention the blog coverage of the death of C. F. D. Moule, which is only mentioned in passing in the current carnival.

But let me underline that there is no criticism implied of the latest carnival here; it will be one of the most memorable entries, a very interesting read which maps out biblioblogdom in a useful way -- I have learnt a lot.

Update (21.08): Nick Norelli has more on this at Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, which I had forgotten. I knew I had seen more posts than just those ones I listed above, but this one didn't show up on the Deinde biblioblogs search.


Anonymous said...

I weighed in the the Paul and monotheism question as well. Your readers might be interested in reading some of the articles I link to in the post. All of them are free for reading.

Was Paul a Monotheist?

Anonymous said...

Quite rightly noted, Mark. Especially the Moule notice.