Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SBL: Arrival Home

I arrived at about midnight last night after the kind of journey that reminded me of the lengths of journey I used to have flying back to the UK. The only difference was that I was in flights with much less leg room, and changed more often. I flew out first to Phoenix, from where I blogged. My flight to DC was then so delayed that I had to be re-routed via Charlotte. There was a bonus, though, in meeting a fellow blogger and NT enthusiast at the airport there and sharing notes about the meeting. On arrival at Raleigh-Durham just before midnight, my luggage had not arrived. I was expecting that, given the re-route, and would have been very surprised if it had arrived, so it was no big deal. And it was very nice to be home. And now there is lots of catching up to do, but it is so much easier to do all that now that I am living in the US because it's the Thanksgiving break here and there is no university until next Monday, and the kids are off school too.

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Anonymous said...

While definitely a layman in the field, I have to compliment you and all the other bloggers for sharing the SBL -- both the substantive and the personal.

The only other professional organization I have ever seen display this sense of community is AmStat (American Statistical Association).

Thanks again for giving us outsiders a glimpse of the inside of this branch of scholarship.

R. Austin