Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lamenting the Demise of Bible and Interpretation

Jim West notes the demise of Bible and Interpretation. The site had not been updated for a long time, but it remained valuable because of its archive of original articles on topics of interest. But the domain name,, has now been lost. is naturally a help on such occasions, but the online presence of those pieces is diminished. I once wrote an article for the site myself, which I may now make available myself on, but many will not do that and this acts as a useful reminder of the transitory nature of some electronic resources and an unfortunate discouragement to those inclined who spend time writing for sites that are here today, gone tomorrow.

2 comments: said...

Even worse is the fact that one never knew the name of the owner who now presumably benefits from the use of the domain name for advertising - remains as an advertising domain name for online poker, dating etc. Its format is similar to the advertising domain which was once a discussion forum on Christian topics. One has to suspect these two domain names have the same owner.

Danny Zacharias said...

Do you know who may have that archive? I may have a (better) archiving solution than