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The Messiah: In Early Judaism and Christianity

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Scholars Discuss The Messiah In Early Judaism and Christianity

Minneapolis (November 9, 2007)—In The Messiah, leading scholars offer succinct and illuminating essays on currents of messianic thought in the formative centuries of Judaism and Christianity, providing precision in thinking about “messianic” images and tradition. Special features designed with the student in mind include a map, a glossary of terms, and a timeline of significant events.


Introduction Magnus Zetterholm

Part One: Formation

Pre-Christian Jewish Messianism: An Overview
John J. Collins, Yale University
The Messiah as Son of God in the Synoptic Gospels
Adela Yarbro Collins, Yale University
Paul and the Missing Messiah
Magnus Zetterholm, Lund University

Part Two: Development

Elijah and the Messiah as Spokesman of Rabbinic Ideology
Karin Hedner-Zetterholm, Lund University
The Reception of Messianism and the Worship of Christ in the Post-Apostolic Church
Jan-Eric Steppa, Lund University


Magnus Zetterholm is Adjunct Associate Professor in Religious Studies at Linköping University, Sweden. He is the author of The Formation of Christianity in Antioch: A Social-Scientific Approach to the Separation between Judaism and Christianity (2003) and coeditor of The Ancient Synagogue from Its Origins until 2000 C.E. (2001).

The Messiah: In Early Judaism and Christianity
Edited by Magnus Zetterholm

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