Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SBL: Journey Home

It turned out that I had very limited time to use the blogging machine during the SBL Annual Meeting, so I will write up my diary on my journey home, which has already begun. I am blogging, with a pint of Sam Adams, from a bar called Tequileria at the airport at Phoenix, Arizona, having left San Diego earlier this morning. I've had a great conference with lots of great conversations, some good laughs, some excellent intellectual exchange and, as usual, not enough sleep and too much rushing around. But I am looking forward very much to getting home later. Not only is there the special new Doctor Who Children in Need scene that aired last Friday to look forward to (and I promised the kids that I would not watch it on my own while I was away), but there are the last two episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures, the Thanksgiving break which gives us several days off from work and school; and most excitingly, tomorrow England play Croatia for a place in Euro 2008. I found time on Saturday afternoon to check online and was delighted to see that Israel had beaten Russia to throw us a lifeline. So lots to look forward to in the coming days, and lots of interesting stuff to reflect on from the last few days at the SBL, more of which anon.

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