Monday, January 28, 2008

BBC Passion Latest

Over on Bible Films, Matt Page is still on top of things when it comes to The Passion, the BBC / HBO co-production to air this coming Easter. As regular readers will know, I have been a consultant on the series. I have watched the whole series in several different edits now and am really delighted with the production. Matt now reports that the Churches Media Council has a dedicated section of its website on the production and that the official première is taking place on the 28th February in London. Wish I could be there.

Update (2 February): I am happy to say that I think I now have everything in place so that I can, after all, be at the première!


Steven Carr said...

Why are there never any programmes made about the Ascension?

Has the Ascension ever been depicted in a TV programme or in a film?

David said...

I have always believed the BBC to be Roman Catholic biased - people have changed religions in the past to work there. I understand that RC's believe the story of Christ finishes with the crucifixion - hence the crucifix with Christ still on the cross rather than the empty cross. QED, no ascension story!

Brendan said...

Can't understand this! Of course Catholics believe Christ's story goes beyond crucifixion to resurrection and ascension. Blame the film makers for not doing the ascension!