Wednesday, February 04, 2004

"Faith" Inspired The Passion of the Christ

As correspondent Helenann Hartley says, "Another day, another 'Passion of Christ' story!" This one is from BBC On-line and features some extracts from the forthcoming Readers Digest interview with Gibson:

'Faith' inspired Gibson's movie
Director Mel Gibson says a renewed interest in faith inspired his controversial film about Christ.

On the reawakening of his faith:
Part of my investigation was the reawakening of the faith I was raised in.

"So I began to explore in books, sermons and theologies. It's interesting that many of the critics think I just came out of a vacuum with this."
On his research:
"I have talked to literally thousands of learned and biblical scholars. I didn't make it up, you know."
This (happily) contrasts with earlier reports that had Gibson allegedly showing disdain for Biblical scholars. Nevertheless, note this rather stark comment to those who have problems with the film:
"They don't really have a problem with me if they have a problem with this film. They have a problem with the gospel, because it adheres pretty well to the gospel."
And on whether the pope did day "It is as it was", Mel Gibson's view seems pretty clear:
"Yes, Pope John Paul II saw it.

"His assistant related a comment that he made during the latter part of the film.

He said, 'It is as it was'. It sounds pretty Zen, doesn't it?"

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