Saturday, February 28, 2004

Newsnight Review on The Passion of the Christ

Last night, Newsnight Review had a feature on The Passion of the Christ -- thanks to David Mackinder for mentioning this. You can view the feature here:

Newsnight Review 27 February

Just click on "video" and the programme will begin. It is the first item on the programme and it lasts for about ten minutes. It's a useful discussion. Tim Lott, an atheist, thinks highly of the film and he says that it made him want to read the Gospels again. He also commented that the use of Aramaic helped to make the most retold of stories seem fresh and different. They all use the word "visceral" and Mark Kermode sees it as a horror film, speaking of the ominous dread of what is coming up next. There is also a clip of the film -- the first I have seen outside of the trailer. It is the arrest of Jesus and you get to hear some Aramaic. That's one thing I am looking forward to seeing (hearing) in the film.

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