Tuesday, February 24, 2004

NT Gateway hits

The number of visitors to the NT Gateway has risen massively over the last fortnight. Up until recently, the site (overall, including the blog) had an average of about 1,300 visitors (4,000 hits) a day. But for the first time last week, there were over 2,000 visitors in a single day (Monday) and then this continued all week. Yesterday there were 2,307 visits (6,013 hits) which is an even bigger rise. It's nice that the site is so popular but I am wondering what is causing the major rise. Although the blog is bringing many of the additional hits, it looks like The Passion of the Christ has also generated many hits, not least because of the context provided by my Celluloid Jesus pages. Still the vast majority of hits appear to come from Google (e.g. try typing "New Testament" into Google and hitting "I'm feeling lucky"). Anyway, many thanks for the support. It's a happy man who gets encouragement for what what he enjoys doing anyway.

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