Friday, February 27, 2004

Heart attack during The Passion of the Christ, and Church Times forum

Helenann Hartley asks about the report that someone had a heart attack while watching The Passion of the Christ, something that was mentioned on Richard and Judy yesterday. Here's the story from Reuters, here reported on MSNBC:

Woman dies during ‘Passion’ screening
She had heart attack during the crucifixion scene

Helenann Hartley also draws my attention to the Church Times who are running a poll to see how many of their readers are planning to go to see the film. It is currently at 60.5% who are and 39.5% who are not. There is what I call a "round-up" article too, which won't tell you anything new if you've been following the news story in recent weeks and months:

Passions run high over violent act of faith by Mel Gibson
by Bill Bowder

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