Thursday, February 26, 2004

William Fulco, S. J. Interview

I have mentioned William Fulco, S. J. a few times in connection with The Passion of the Christ. On Xtalk, Jeffrey Gibson posts a link to this interesting interview with him:

Father Fulco's Baptism of Fire
What happens when a Jesuit scholar gets deeply moved in a controversial film
Loyola Marymount's William Fulco and Ed Siebert in conversation

The interview is not recent; it's a badly produced PDF, sometimes difficult to follow, but there are some interesting bits and bobs in it and it is easily the most detailed material from Fulco I have seen. One tidbit is that "We (Fulco and Gibson) discussed whether it should be Latin or Greek" and they decided on Latin "for artistic reasons".

What would be interesting to see now would be a fresh interview with Fulco now that the film has been released. What does he make of the final version? What does he make of the criticisms, especially with regard to historical accuracy?

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