Monday, February 09, 2004

Wayback Machine

In relation to my previous blog post, Darko Svenscak points out that the example I chose is not a good one because only the first page of that article is cached by Google; I hadn't thought to check the rest. But Darko offers another useful tip:

The Wayback Machine

I saw someone referring to this recently and forget who. It's not something I've visited before and it's great fun. Essentially it is attempting to archive everything on the web so that it can be accessed by future generations. Here's its results on the NT Gateway:

Wayback Machine: NT Gateway

It's quite nostalgic for me to see how it developed. That record begins in June 2000 because that's when I moved the site over to its own domain. One can go further back by typing in its old address. But this is to digress. How does the Wayback Machine help us with finding those Harvard Theological Review articles we are after? As long as one has the old URL, one is OK -- just type it into the Wayback machine box and here is the article we were looking for:

Wayback Machine archive of Adela Yarbro Collins, "Mark and His Readers: The Son of God among Jews"

So this could turn out to be a very useful tool.

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