Friday, February 20, 2004

Blogwatch: Bible Windows to Bibloi

In the Philo of Alexandria Blog, Torrey Seland comments on the change in name from Bible Windows to Bibloi 8 because of potential action from Microsoft. Incidentally, I am sometimes asked why I do not link on the NT Gateway to any of the big Bible software packages like this. The reasons are fairly simple. My basic policy is only to link to material that is freely available over the internet. As soon as I begin to link to and comment on commercially available products, I might be seen to be endorsing one product over another in an environment in which my judgement is normally based solely on the quality of the product concerned. The New Testament Gateway is not a commercial concern. But it is also simply too great an undertaking to provide a guide to the several excellent packages out there and I do not regard this as an area of expertise. This is one of the reasons that I greatly welcome Rubén Gómez's Bible Software Review Weblog and its associated site.

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