Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blogshares and Blog Heaven

In Paleojudaica, Jim Davila points out Blogshares and in particular their Ancient History listing:

Blogshares: Ancient History

in which Paleojudaica comes a deserved 4th, with shares worth $1,992.96, apparently! Rogueclassicism is (also a deserved) first. It is good to see Hypotyposeis also making it into the Top 10. But, as Jim notes, no placing for the NT Gateway weblog (thanks for mentioning) or, for that matter, several of the other biblioblogs.

Meanwhile, Beliefnet announce their top blogs:

Blog Heaven

with not a biblioblog in sight.

Update (21.28): Jim West on Biblical Theology has done some work and has sniffed out the biblioblogs on BlogsShares. On the category Bible Study, you'll find lots of familiar names and AKMAcomes in at number 3!

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