Sunday, April 17, 2005

Tony Fisher's Greek New Testament Appeal

Many of us have been fans of and have benefited from Tony Fisher's Greek New Testament for some time. I have had it at the top of the list on the Greek New Testament Gateway because it has been the most straightforward site for all to use, especially in a world where platforms, browsers and fonts differ widely. These days, the one I use myself by default is Zhubert because it has more functionality and features and has someone at the helm regularly adding fresh things. Nevertheless, it would be a great shame if Tony Fisher's popular Greek New Testament were not to continue into the future. Perhaps it could be taken on and developed by someone else. Here's the message that has recently appeared on the site, with thanks to David Mackinder for drawing my attention to it:
Advance Warning

The Support Staff here have kept the software associated with these web pages running for the past five years, through various hardware and software upgrades, in honour of Tony's memory, but the time is approaching when we will no longer be able to allocate further resources to maintaining it.

Our current intention is to try to keep it running through to the end of 2005 and possibly into 2006.

If anyone at another site is keen to take on the hosting and maintenance of this facility from 2006 then please get in touch by sending an e-mail to the "support" address at "".

We are also making available a zipped tarfile for download by anyone who wishes to install the software for their own use. This version has been tested under Slackware 10 Linux using the 2.6 kernel, but if you wish to install it under anything else then you might need to undertake some porting work. We are very sorry, but we cannot provide any assistance with such work.
Anyone out there interested? (Write to them, not to me).

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Anonymous said...

Note that the source of both Tony and zhubert's data is the MorphGNT database which is, in turn, based on that provided by UPenn's CCAT. As work on MorphGNT continues, I suggest that any further work based on Tony's software use a more up-to-date version of the underlying data.