Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Robert Orlando on Paul documentary

On The Paul Page, Mark Mattison has added an interview with filmmaker Robert Orlando, who is apparently working on a new documentary on Paul, entitled Paul: The Greatest Story Never Told. It's an interesting read:

An Interview with Filmmaker Robert Orlando

Discouraging signs include some standard clichés:
Now with Paul: The Greatest Story Never Told, the genie is out of the bottle. Jesus is not who we've been told he is. His disciples did not have a consensus. There was never a true Christianity and the rest heresies. This is all simplistic thinking, which might comfort us short term, but long term it is destined to pass away. Jesus was profoundly pro-law and pro-Jewish. So were most if not all of his followers with the exception of Paul, which is why he was in so much trouble. Also it is why Paul's Hellenized version of Christianity survived.
Or is the "simplistic thinking" this popular pseudo-scholarly myth of Paul as the Hellenizing corrupter of a Jewish Jesus?

But on the encouraging side, Alan Segal is in consultation with Orlando and provides an endorsement on this page.

I was interested to find out a little more about Robert Orlando, not having come across him before. He has a useful review of Gager also on The Paul Page, and IMDb lists him as the director of a film called Moment in Time from 2001. The Paul Page features a link to something called The Nexus Project, presumably connected with Orlando, but the link is dead.

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