Tuesday, April 26, 2005

IQP Q Text English Translation on-line

Some years ago, Sterling Bjorndahl used to host a web page featuring the English translation of the International Q Project's Q text. When Bjorndahl left academia, that page left the web and there has been no English (or Greek) IQP Q text on-line. But now that's changed and a new, better on-line version is available, with a short introduction and select bibliography and located in the most natural place for it, John Kloppenborg's homepage:

IQP Q Text (English)

Naturally, I have added it at the top of my page on Q Web Materials, which I have also taken the opportunity to update, renewing links and deleting a couple of dead ones, including Charlotte Allen's Atlantic Monthly article, "The Search for a No Frills Jesus", which has gone subscription-only.

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