Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Home again

Torrey Seland asks "Didn't these people have easter vacation? In Norway we go to our cabins in the mountains for skiing at Easter times......, well, I know that means you got to have mountains, and snow, but... We have plenty of both..... :)" Well what we do is go to the seaside, never mind the cold. We are just back from Cornwall. And in fact we had some lovely weather for the time of year, and I even made it to swimming in the sea on one occasion, though I thought my muscles might all go into spasm afterwards. A great break, with lots of walks and good eating. Below are three of the kids on a walk to St Antony's Head:

I always used to say that I wouldn't be so self-indulgent as to put up family pics on the blog. But hey, everyone else does it so I'm just going with the flow. You can always move on to the next post, right?

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