Saturday, March 26, 2005

Tony Burroughs on The Real Family of Jesus

The Real Family of Jesus airs on Discovery Channel today; here is a piece interviewing the presenter of the programme, Tony Burroughs, and featuring a couple of pictures too:

TV Genealogist Tony Burroughs Search for the Real Family of Jesus

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Anonymous said...

My name is Adam and I just finished watching The Real Family of JESUS. I had a few questions: It is noted that JESUS relationship to HIS father Joseph was quite close, and may have been a tremendous influence in HIS ministry. It is also noted that due to this close relationship JESUS adopts the name father for GOD. Mary is said to have first believed in JESUS' MESSIAHSHIP after she sees HIM in the temple. What my question is--When she asks JESUS what HE is doing there HE says that HE is about HIS FATHER's business. If JESUS' father (Joseph) was not yet dead, what did JESUS mean? HE was clearly speaking about the Scriptures with teachers of the Law. So, I assume HIS FATHER's business was not fixing a broken table or some such thing, as Joseph is believed to have been a carpenter. Which leads to the question--Was JESUS' FATHER's business revealing, explaining, or discussing Scripture as JESUS was doing. If that is the case did JESUS adopt the name FATHER for GOD before Joseph's death? And if so, did JESUS now regard GOD as HIS only FATHER? I have many questions, and I know that both Mr. Mark Goodacre and Mr. Tony Burroughs are busy men, but if either of you would like to contact me to further discuss JESUS' family I would be very appreciative. You can contact me at

Thank you,