Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Real Family of Jesus

If you are in the USA and have access to Discovery Channel, it is broadcasting a new two hour BBC / Dicovery co-production on Easter Day:

The Real Family of Jesus
Part One - Premiere, Sunday, March 27, 9-10pm e/p
Part Two - Premiere, Sunday, March 27, 10-11pm e/p
Most people know very little about Jesus Christ's family - who they were and what role they played in his life. This two-part special reveals that Jesus was part of a large extended family - a network that played a critical part in his upbringing and the rise and success of Christianity. Using historical, archeological and biblical evidence, Family of Jesus examines Jesus' relationships with not only his parents Joseph and Mary, but grandfather Joachim, cousin John The Baptist, brothers Simon, Jude, Joseph and James, his uncle Clophas and aunt Mary and others, and pulls together a picture of a dynastic family who believed it was descended from King David, and did everything in its power to promote and perpetuate its lineage. What they would never know is how well they succeeded.
The documentary should feature a little of me talking about Judas Thomas, filmed in Worcester College, Oxford. Among others, the documentary also features Joe Zias and Eric Meyers. I have not seen it yet myself but I am going to ask for a preview tape. I heard a couple of weeks ago that there are no plans for the documentary to go out in the UK.

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