Friday, March 18, 2005

Latest Tyndale Tech

The latest Tyndale Tech arrived this morning from David Instone-Brewer at Tyndale House in Cambridge. It's an excellent list of journals relevant to Theology and Religion divided up into free internet with no print, free internet plus print and paid internet plus print. It's a very useful and comprehensive list but, as usual, you'll have to wait for it to appear on-line, something that David does eventually at his discretion. The only thing I'd add to the list would be that there are a bunch of other freebies available for some of the journals listed here, e.g. note my own links on my Journals page to many of the available free-for-all issues of otherwise subscription-only journals (Semeia, Journal of Biblical Literature and all the new Sage journals, to mention a few).

A public thought for David Instone-Brewer: you do a fantastic job with the Tyndale Techs and other contributions to Biblical scholarship and the internet, but are emailed alerts getting a little passé? Has the time now come for you to be assimilated to the biblioblogosphere? You'd do a great job and would enrich the community enormously.

Update (Saturday, 22.37): link above fixed.

Update (Thursday, 00.31): Jim Davila comments, helpfully as ever, to this effect, "Now far be it from me to discourage anyone from starting a blog, but I think that the infrastructure for Tyndale Tech is pretty good as it is. I like to be able to click on one link to get a themed collection of websites and I think that a blog that just posted random websites as David found them would be less useful. Of course, maybe there's a middle way that would combine the benefits of blogging with the benefits of the current system to make something better. But David's system isn't broken, so I hope he'll be cautious about fixing it." I agree with Jim; my suggestion was of course a ruddy cheek in some ways. My slightly frivolous comment was certainly not intended to imply that there's anything broken about Tyndale Tech, just that I can't help thinking that someone with David's expertise and enthusiasm could make such a useful contribution to the blogosphere, and my guess is that he would enjoy the interaction that's possible here. But I may be wrong, and I've been presumptuous enough already.

Update (Good Friday, 11.03): Tim Bulkeley comments.

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Milton Stanley said...

The Tyndale Tech link doesn't lead to a list of journals. Is the link correct?