Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Passion Recut Website

The new cut of The Passion of the Christ now has an official website here:

The Passion Recut

It features a minute or so of video introduction by Mel Gibson who explains that many loved the film but felt that they could not take their Aunt Martha because of its intensity, that he has listened to that and recut it to remove some of the intensity and brutality. There's a trailer, and the website also mirrors the information on the main Passion of the Christ website.

I picked up the notice of this from an article in today's Christianity Today:

A Kinder, Gentler Passion?
Mel Gibson heard the complaints about the graphic violence in The Passion of The Christ. So he edited out some of the harshest parts, and is re-releasing the film this week as The Passion Recut.
By Mark Moring

I don't know about Gibson's Aunt Martha, but the new cut is far more likely to induce my wife and my mother to go and see the film; my guess is that this is a brilliant marketing move.

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