Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Review of Questioning Q

It's nice to see Church Times carrying a review of a book I co-edited:

Questioning Q
By Mark Goodacre and Nicholas Perrin (editors)
Review by Anthony Harvey
. . . . This collection of essays by eight American and British scholars is a serious attempt to have the question reopened. They recognise that abandoning Q would be nothing less than a paradigm shift for New Testament studies. But at the very least their arguments demonstrate the fragility of the hypothetical structure that is taken as established by the great majority of scholars. Their project is a wholesome reminder that, despite two centuries of labour and ingenuity, the origins of our four Gospels still remain beyond the reach of any certain knowledge.
A note for American readers: you don't have to fork out the £19.99 price here advertised for the British edition. The American edition is selling for $19.00, and Amazon have it for $12.92.


Peter M. Head said...


Can you give us a table of contents please?


Anonymous said...

Pete and Mark--

great question, that would be very helpful.