Saturday, March 05, 2005

Postmodern bible blog returns

It is good to see the brief return of Pete Phillips's postmodernbible blog and it is good to hear his mention in his post Oops of his forthcoming book:
I am publishing my thesis with T&T Clark in the summer and the contracts are signed and agreed - John's Prologue: A Sequential Reading. I have to have the manuscript to them by May 1st. Should be Ok as not too many changes are needed. It's going to be in a really good academic series but will cost the earth (£65 a copy!!!!!!!).
I am happy to hear the Library of New Testament Studies (formerly JSNTS) described as "a really good academic series" -- quite right. I'd add that books in this series that are only available in hardback can still be purchased by individual scholars and students for half the published price, in the old Sheffield Academic Press tradition established for that and related series.

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