Thursday, March 17, 2005

DVD Review: Gospel of John

Monsters and Critics DVD carry a review of the Gospel of John DVD:

DVD Review: The Gospel of John
By Patrick Luce

It's not a particularly subtle or detailed review, but it's enthusiastic:
t is this simple story telling approach, passion and accuracy, that makes The Gospel of John on of me most powerful stories of Jesus produced for the screen and probably on of the best religious pictures I have seen.
Now, this review is of a newly released version of the DVD and the review has some useful information:
The DVD comes as a two-disc set with both the three-hour theatrical version of the film and a shorter two-hour version. It also comes with several special features including a historical background, production design and the making of the film, a feature on the cast and filmmakers, an interactive map of the Holy Land and the miracles of Jesus, and a glossary of historical terms.
I had not even realised that there were two different versions of the film. My 3 DVD set, the original release from the end of 2003, has only the 3 hour version.

Jim West noted the other day that it is available pretty cheap at Wal-Mart, $19.88. It is the new 2-disc version and the description includes the note that it features "the Never-Before-Seen 2-Hour Version". Looks like I might have to make another purchase.

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