Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Gospel of Mark teaser trailer

Many thanks to Mark Cannon for this -- there is a teaser trailer available for the Visual Bible International's next venture, the Gospel of Mark. Essentially it is Christopher Plummer (who narrated Gospel of John) reading Mark 13.24-26, with a lion's face emerging and morphing into Jesus (Henry Ian Cusick). Here is where to go to find it:

The Gospel of John - the Official Web Site

And then click on "Video Clips" (top) and choose Gospel of Mark preview. Does this mean that Henry Ian Cusick will be playing Jesus again? That Christopher Plummer will be narrating? Though I loved Cusick in Gospel of John, I'd like to see another actor play Jesus in this to maintain the idea of different actors taking on each Gospel, with Bruce Marciano having taken on Jesus in Matthew. And likewise, I'd like to see another narrator, again to give the film an utterly different feel from the others. I'll keep on the look out and add things here as soon as I see them.

By the way, the reason that there's been no NTGateway blogging for several days now is the usual one, that I've been very, very busy; until today, which has been a lovely day off for my birthday, walking in the Malverns.

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