Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jeremy Duff's The Elements of New Testament Greek

Jeremy Duff, The Elements of New Testament Greek

When I was a student in Oxford in the 1980s, everyone was familiar with "Wenham". "Wenham" was the textbook you used to learn Greek. And everyone studying Theology had to learn Greek -- it was compulsory. Many others for many years have also begun their journey into the Greek New Testament hand in hand with Wenham.

Well, before there was Wenham there was Nunn. Nunn's Elements of New Testament Greek was also published by Cambridge University Press and was the basis for John Wenham's revision which appeared in 1965. Forty years later and Jeremy Duff follows in the same tradition and now replaces Wenham. To ensure continuity, the cover is based on Wenham, and there is a preface by David Wenham, John's son.

Jeremy has been working on this revision for some years. He has tested it extensively in the classroom, has been circulating proofs to interested parties for their own testing and comment and now, finally, it is ready. Unlike its predecessor, the new Wenham is a product of the twenty-first century and features all manner of interesting extras, New Testament Greek Listening Materials CD and a companion website with links, powerpoint slides and more.

Here is more information about the publication with an order form and with an Inspection Copy order form for lecturers:

Jeremy Duff, The Elements of New Testament Greek (PDF)

Here is the Cambridge University Press catalogue page on the book:

The Elements of New Testament Greek

And here is the book's own website:

The Elements of New Testament Greek

Thanks to Tracey McCluskey at Cambridge University Press for the information.

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