Wednesday, April 06, 2005

N. T. Wright page latest

There are some useful updates on the N. T. Wright page, reproductions of several of Tom Wright's articles from the New Dictionary of Christian Theology. It's not a book I am familiar with, but the N. T. Wright page gives the bibliographical details as Eerdmans/IVP, 1988. (If anyone could provide me with a more detailed bibliographical citation, I'd be grateful).


Update (16.10): thanks to David Mackinder for some additional bibliographic details (you see this is a biblioblog!) on this: the above articles are from Sinclair B. Ferguson and David F. Wright (eds), New Dictionary of Theology (Leicester: IVP, 1988) and not, apparently, from New Dictionary of Christian Theology, which is what was throwing me. The New Dictionary of Christian Theology is a different (SCM) publication. Specific page references for the above articles are Jesus (348-351); Paul (496-499); Justification (359-361) and Righteousness (590-592).

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Kevin said...

Thank you for pointing out the problem on the bibliographical information. I will correct it as soon as possible.