Saturday, April 03, 2004

Filología Neotestamentaria 2001

The full text of Filología Neotestamentaria Volume XIV (2001) is now available on the BSW site. They have been working hard there recently and these issues are now coming regularly:

Filología Neotestamentaria 14 (2001)

Stanley E. PORTER and Matthew BROOK O.DONNELL, «The Greek Verbal Network Viewed from a Probabilistic Standpoint: An Exercise in Hallidayan Linguistics» , Vol. 14 (2001) 3-41 [HTML] [PDF]

Patrick A. TILLER, «Reflexive Pronouns in the New Testament» , Vol.14 (2001) 43-63 [HTML] [PDF]

Paul DANOVE, «A Comparison Of The Usage Of Akouw And Akouw- Compounds
In The Septuagint And New Testament» , Vol.14 (2001) 65-86 [HTML] [PDF]

Thomas J. KRAUS, «Grammatisches Problembewusstsein Als Regulativ Für Angemessene Sprachbeurteilung . Das Beispiel Der Griechischen Negation Und 2PETR» , Vol.14 (2001) 87-100 [HTML] [PDF]

James SWETNAM, «The Context Of The Crux At Hebrews 5,7-8» , Vol.14 (2001) 101-120 [HTML] [PDF]

J. DUNCAN and M. DERRETT, «Palin: The Ass Again (Mk 11,3d)» , Vol.14 (2001) 121-130 [HTML] [PDF]

Josep RIUS-CAMPS, «Las Variantes Del Texto Occidental De Los Hechos De Los Apóstoles (XIII) (Hch 7,23-8,1a)» , Vol.14 (2001) 131-148 [HTML] [PDF]

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