Monday, April 12, 2004

New SBL Forum content

On Paleojudaica and Biblical Software Review Weblog there are notices of new content on the SBL Forum. There are three articles in the Features section, no doubt with more to come:

How I Met the Computer, and How it Changed my Life
by Robert A. Kraft

Technology and the Transmission of the Biblical Text
by James R. Adair

Transferring Biblical Narrative to Graphic Novel
by David G. Burke and Lydia Lebrón-Rivera

Incidentally, it is good to see that SBL Forum are using permanent URLs, i.e. any individual articles one links to from previous issues of the Forum have remained constant. But I wonder whether an indexing of previous articles would also be useful. At present you can search the archives but I think a browsing facility would also be useful. I would also be interested to see this "Forum" opening up another forum for SBL members to discuss the articles posted. I will write with these suggestions while they are fresh on my mind.

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