Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Francis Moloney comments on The Passion of the Christ

Thanks to Gail Dawson for the link to this article from The Tower Online, the newsletter for the Catholic University of America (free registration required):

Moloney: 'Scene After Scene is Just Wrong' in Passion Film
Portrayal of Jews is 'So Massively Negative,' Says TRS Dean
By Ryan Schanberger
Published: Friday, March 26, 2004

The themes of the critique will be familiar to most by now, the depiction of Pontius Pilate, the harmonizing of the Gospels, Jesus' carrying the whole cross while the thieves carry the crossbeams and so on:
I didn't like it as a movie," he said, criticizing the violence that "goes on, and on, and on." According to Moloney, the film lacked "narrative tension," and seemed the same all the way through. "In fact, I nearly fell asleep during the way of the cross."

"It's just historically wrong -- it's not what actually happened," Moloney said . . .
There are also some comments from an event at the Catholic University of America featuring Timothy Friedrichsen, William Loewe, William Dinges and Rabbi Jack Moline.

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