Monday, April 19, 2004

Flesher Lecture on The Passion of the Christ

Bible and Interpretation's Essays From Bible and Interpretation on the Passion adds a link to a video presentation by Paul Flesher:

“The Passion” as an Icon
By Paul Flesher, Video Presentation, Real Player plug-in
(University of Wyoming: April 2004)

It's a 45 minute lecture. It is an accessible piece; it does not assume any major knowledge of the Bible, and takes one steadily through one Biblical scholar's reflections on the film. At about 20 minutes in he discusses some of the images that come from other Jesus films, citing Jesus Christ Superstar (for Herod Antipas), Last Temptation of Christ and Jesus of Montreal (for the cross falling on Jesus). As far as one can tell it is a recording of some kind of public lecture, with Flesher sitting down to address his audience. (Is this usual among American lecturers?) At about 27 minutes in the lecture finishes and there are some quite interesting questions.

Update (20 April): there is a web page linking to this talk here:

The Passion of the Christ discussion

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