Sunday, April 25, 2004

Latest Explorator

Don't forget to look at the latest Explorator from David Meadows:

Explorator 6.52

One paragraph from New York Times linked there caught my interest:

Arts Briefing
By Lawrence Van Gelder

It includes some comments on the American newspaper coverage of The Passion of the Christ:
According to the initial findings of a study by the College of Communications at Marquette University, a Jesuit institution, most articles that it categorized as straight news reports were either neutral or positive. Reaction to the film, about the last hours of Jesus, became more negative in editorials, reviews, critiques and feature articles. The preliminary report, part of a larger study of newspaper coverage in all 50 states, said that besides addressing general religious themes, the press tended to focus on anti-Semitism, violence and historical accuracy.
Yes, I would say that that was my impression too -- those were the three areas around which the comments have coalesced.

[And thanks too to David Meadows for a link to my article on The Passion]

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