Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Review of Jesus and Paul

Thanks to David Mackinder for the link to this review from the Wall Street Journal of the American ABC special on Jesus and Paul:

The ABC of Holy Week
With "Jesus and Paul," Peter Jennings gets it right.
But this is a show for serious-minded viewers, scholarly yet respectful of belief, informative yet entertaining. It tells the story of Jesus and Paul in language believers and critics alike can recognize--indeed not too differently from the way it has been told for centuries.
Wilken comments on "the pronouncement of one 'expert' that Jesus was 'illiterate'" as a particularly egregious historical blunder. I am guessing, though, that this was something said by John Dominic Crossan who certainly claims this in his written work. While many would disagree with Crossan on this point, it's not a "historical blunder".

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