Monday, May 17, 2004

Blogwatch: Bible Software Review on Macs and Accordance

It's good when a blog entry generates discussion elsewhere, whether in other blogs, through emails or in the blog comments feature. On this occasion one of the things under discussion is my ignorance alongside Mac users' passion -- and especially passion for Accordance. In discussing the recent Biblical Studies Bulletin 31, which contained a review of Accordance, I made some throw-away comments about Mac users' passion. The post has generated several comments here, but see also Rubén Gómez's remarks on Bible Software Review Weblog and the places he links to there. I've made a strong mental "note to self" for future reference: don't make ignorant remarks about Macs! I stand corrected. I am delighted to hear that one can right-click on a Mac, and I'll be telling my colleagues who do not have the relevant mouse to do this that they can get one. Anywyay, let me also repeat my earlier remark that I appreciate Rubén Gómez's informed and balanced comments.

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