Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What next?

I'm still here. I've just hit one of those periods where work is so ovewhelming that I've not had time to blog. Where I did manage to get some time at the weekend, you may have noticed that I added some more reflections on The Passion of the Christ. This is not because I had nothing else to blog about or nothing else to say but because I have been working on an article on this with a tight deadline, now past. Now that I'm all Passion-ed out, what next? One thing to look forward to is the Visual Bible International's Gospel of Mark film. I have mentioned this before (Three Other Jesus films), but here is a little more news from a Globe and Mail article by James Adams called The Gospel's second coming:
In the meantime, Drabinsky is continuing with plans to start shooting The Gospel of Mark in late August or early September, using Toronto and Spain as locations. Jeff Sackman said he's "open to the idea of Mark in theatres for 2005," but "it will depend on what transpires in the market between now and then. I assume there are dozens of Christian-themed movies in various stages of production and there could be a glut." At the same time, "I think this experience proved there is a theatrical market" for high-calibre Christian fare.
No more news yet on Regardt van den Bergh's The Lamb.

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