Sunday, May 16, 2004

The New Testament: An Orthodox Perspective

This is another one sent in by Holger Szesnat:

Excerpts from the "The New Testament,An Orthodox Perspective"
Volume One: Scripture, Tradition, Hermeneutics
Theodore G. Stylianopoulos

Although it says "excerpts", it looks like the whole of Volume One.

This is on the Holy Trinity Orthodox School web site and it features lots more full-text material under "Textbooks", including:

Edgar J. Goodspeed, A History of Early Christian Literature

It is very useful to have this available on-line. The site does not give any indication of the full bibliographical details, unfortunately. It is worth adding that Peter Kirby has available on the Early Christian Writings web site another of Goodspeed's books:

Edgar J. Goodspeed, An Introduction to the New Testament (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1937)

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