Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Gospel of John Passion on-line

The American Bible Society has made available a lengthy segment of the Visual Bible's The Gospel of John on-line:

The Gospel of John: View the Video

It's a thirteen minute clip of part of the Passion Narrative in John, from about 19.13--20.17 (breaks off rather abruptly). You can view for broadband or dial-up; it is a very good quality clip, not quite DVD quality, but nof far off. The scene includes several features of interest that have been discussed here (e.g. here and here) Note in particular the way that Jesus' crucifixion is depicted, with nails through the wrists and through the ankles, in the style explicated by Joe Zias. And in relation to recent discussions about the titulus, you can see the full titulus here, in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, very clearly.

Something I noticed when looking at this clip is that the film provides an apparent explanation for Mary Magdalene thinking that Jesus was the gardener. It's because he is apparently doing some gardening!

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