Monday, May 24, 2004

Deinde's Biblical Studies Search

On Sansblogue, Tim Bulkeley draws attention to a useful feature on the Deinde site:

Biblical Studies Search
The search engine works by searching an indexed database of selected sites. There are around 80 sites which are currently indexed by the crawler, all of these sites are related to biblical studies and are made up of an array of online papers, informational pages, news and blogs. Originally we set the crawler to follow all links on the sites up to a certain depth, however as can be imagined this quickly got out of control with many sites indexed that were not related to biblical studies. The crawler is now set to only crawl within the domain it begins in. While this does result in clean and controlled results it also means that pages which are linked to an outside domain do not show up.
This looks like a very useful resource. A similar useful resource to which I've drawn attention before is Teologiportalen but the advantage of Deinde's search is that it provides results specially honed for Biblical scholars and students.

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