Friday, May 14, 2004

Life of Brian on Hollywood Jesus

David Bruce's Hollywood Jesus web site has a new page available to celebrate the re-release of Life of Brian and it includes a review by Jenn Wright:

Monty Python's Life of Brian (2004)

See also Mike Gunn, on the related web site hosted on Hollywood Jesus called After Eden, for some extraordinary stories about Life of Brian:

Of Peace and Cheese
A Journal Entry for May, 2004
I first discovered the insidious plot to prevent a new generation of American audiences from seeing this movie -- while I was vacationing a couple of weeks ago in Florida. When I tried to rent Life of Brian in an unassuming retirement community video store, they didn’t have it. As the clerk explained, “Every time we try to carry the movie, someone steals it!” There’s no crime in that community! I didn’t see one cop for 9 days; but they can’t keep a copy of this movie in their video store? We can no doubt thank a community of fundamentalists doing their part for the “Kingdom of God.”

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