Saturday, November 13, 2004

Blogos's Fun with Firefox

Just after blogging about Firefox, I read an enjoyable post on Blogos:

More fun with Firefox and ESV Search
I keep finding new features i like in Firefox. The latest is keyword search in the "location bar" (where you normally type a URL). Type "weather" there and you get Type "stock vz" and you get a quote for Verizon stock (please buy some and help get my options above water!).

The behavior is a little hard to predict, though. Entering "time" comes up empty-handed ("The operation timed out when attempting to contact time": pun unintended i'm sure), but "time now" brings up this page with (you guessed it) the current time. It seems to be hit or miss: "bible" brings up Bible Gateway, "new testament" brings up Goodacre's blog, "concordance" brings up this page with interfaces for searching Strong's. "semanticbible" (no spaces) brings up my site, with a space "semantic bible" it brings up Glenn's reference to my site, but "semantic" itself brings up nothing. I'd love to have a real description of what's happening behind the scenes.
You could have hours of fun with this. I tried Historical Jesus and Apostle Paul and got my NT Gateway pages on them. Synoptic Problem quite rightly brings up Stephen Carlson's page, and Hypotyposeis his blog. Greek New Testament fetches Tony Fisher's site. Second Temple Judaism brings up a course outline by Bruce Fisk; and Paleojudaica calls up Jim Davila's blog. AKMA fetches AKMA's blog.

I could not resist also typing in the meaning of life.

What it seems to do is to go to Google with the keywords you type in and fetch its top-listed site. Blogos also provides some useful hints on how to define your own Bible search.

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